This is part of the Fake.Core.Tasks module.


Contains a helper which can be used to implement timeouts and retries.

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
runWithRetries f retries
Signature: f:(unit -> '?12018) -> retries:int -> '?12018
Type parameters: '?12018

Retries the given function until a retry limit is reached or the function succeeds without exception.


  • f - This function will be started.
  • retries - A retry limit.
waitFor f timeout testMS timeoutF
Signature: f:(unit -> bool) -> timeout:TimeSpan -> testMS:int -> timeoutF:(unit -> unit) -> TimeSpan

Waits until the given function returns true or the timeout is reached.


  • f - This function will be started.
  • timeout - A System.TimeSpan representing the timeout.
  • testMS - An interval at which FAKE checks if the function has succeeded.
  • timeoutF - This function will be run if the timeout has been reached.