Caching of build scripts


This documentation is for FAKE.exe before version 5 (or the non-netcore version). The documentation needs te be updated, please help!

Starting with version 4.0.0 of FAKE, the first time a script is run the compiled assembly that is generated is saved into the hidden .fake directory. This allows FAKE to start in milliseconds instead of seconds. Your script files are cached with a crc32 key generated from the first scripts contents, and then each #loaded scripts contents. This prevents you from having to manually clear the cache whenever you are working on your script or pulling in changes from a remote repository. If for some reason you would like to disable saving the compiled assembly to disk, you can call FAKE with the --nocache argument, which stops FAKE from dumping the compiled assembly to disk. Do note that the assembly is still being compiled by FSI, all you are disabling is the saving to disk.

You should add the .fake folder to your .gitignore file.