Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


Parameter type for process execution.

Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: (string * string) list

Command-line argument pairs. The value will be quoted if it contains a string, and the result will be appended to the CommandLine property. If the key ends in a letter or number, a space will be inserted between the key and the value.

Signature: string

Command-line parameters in a string.

Signature: string

The path to the executable, without arguments.

Signature: string

The working directory for the program. Defaults to "".

Static members

Static memberDescription
Signature: ExecParams

Default parameters for process execution.