Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
ProcessUtils.findFiles dirs file
Signature: dirs:seq<string> -> file:string -> seq<string>

Searches the given directories for all occurrences of the given file name, on windows PATHEXT is considered (and preferred when searching)

Signature: file:string -> seq<string>

Searches in PATH for the given file and returnes the result ordered by precendence

Signature: file:string -> string option

Searches the current directory and the directories within the PATH environment variable for the given file. If successful returns the full path to the file.


  • file - The file to locate
ProcessUtils.tryFindTool envVar tool
Signature: envVar:string -> tool:string -> string option

Tries to find the tool via Env-Var. If no path has the right tool we are trying the PATH system variable.