Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


Contains types and utility functions relaited to running NUnit unit tests.

Nested types and modules


The /domain option controls of the creation of AppDomains for running tests. See NUnit-Console Command Line Options


Option which allows to specify if a NUnit error should break the build.


The NUnit Console Parameters type. FAKE will use NUnitDefaults for values not provided.

For reference, see: NUnit-Console Command Line Options


Process model for nunit to use, see Project Editor

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
buildArgs parameters assemblies
Signature: parameters:NUnitParams -> assemblies:seq<string> -> string

Builds the command line arguments from the given parameter record and the given assemblies.

Signature: NUnitParams

The NUnitParams default parameters.


  • IncludeCategory - ""
  • ExcludeCategory - ""
  • ToolPath - The nunit-console.exe path if it exists in a subdirectory of the current directory.
  • ToolName - "nunit-console.exe"
  • DontTestInNewThread- false
  • StopOnError - false
  • SkipNonTestAssemblies - false
  • OutputFile - "TestResult.xml"
  • Out - ""
  • ErrorOutputFile - ""
  • WorkingDir - ""
  • Framework - ""
  • ProcessModel - DefaultProcessModel
  • ShowLabels - true
  • XsltTransformFile - ""
  • TimeOut - 5 minutes
  • DisableShadowCopy - false
  • Domain - DefaultDomainModel
  • ErrorLevel - Error
  • Fixture - ""

Active patterns

Active patternDescription
( |OK|TestsFailed|FatalError| )(...)
Signature: errorCode:int -> Choice<unit,unit,string>

NUnit console returns negative error codes for errors and sum of failed, ignored and exceptional tests otherwise. Zero means that all tests passed.