Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: string list

Exclude a class or method by filter(s) that match attributes that have been applied. An * can be used as a wildcard.

Signature: string list

Exclude a class (or methods) by filter(s) that match the filenames. An * can be used as a wildcard.

Signature: string list

Assemblies being loaded from these locations will be ignored.

Signature: string

(Required) Path to the OpenCover console application

Signature: string

A list of filters to apply to selectively include or exclude assemblies and classes from coverage results.

Signature: HideSkippedType list

Remove information from output file that relates to classes/modules that have been skipped (filtered) due to the use of the parameters ExcludeBy*, Filter or where the PDB is missing.

Signature: bool

This option is used to merge the coverage results for an assembly regardless of where it was loaded assuming the assembly has the same file-hash in each location.

Signature: bool

Allow to merge the results with an existing file (specified by Output parameter). So the coverage from the output file will be loaded first (if exists).

Signature: string

This options is used to add additional optional arguments, could be somthing like "-returntargetcode "

Signature: string

The location and name of the output xml file. If no value is supplied then the current directory will be used and the output filename will be results.xml.

Signature: RegisterType

Use this to register and de-register the code coverage profiler.

Signature: ReturnTargetCodeType

Return the target process return code instead of the OpenCover console return code. Use the offset to return the OpenCover console at a value outside the range returned by the target process.

Signature: string list

Alternative locations to look for PDBs.

Signature: bool

Neither track nor record auto-implemented properties. That is, skip getters and setters like these: public bool Service { get; set; }

Signature: string

(Required) Path to the NUnit/XUnit console runner

Signature: TimeSpan

The timeout for the OpenCover process.

Signature: string

The directory where the OpenCover process will be started.